Luke Jacobson

Brandon is amazing. We are pretty tech savvy at our business but whenever we have an issue we cant solve we have Brandon come to help. He has recovered data from failing hard drives, fixed complex network issues and more. Very professional and easy to deal with. Give Brandon a call, he knows his stuff!

Dillon Billingsley

Very knowledgeable in everything technology. Highly recommend for computer repair, camera installation, basically if it has a power cord they know what to do, they do it all plus some.

Amie Laughlin

What an amazing person! He helped me even though I wasn't buying from him. He referred me to what I needed and walked me through the process. Thank you!

jed lenz

My lively-hood depends on my computer. I'm fairly knowledgeable, but when I got the message "boot device not accessible" or something like that, I was literally in a cold sweat. I needed a fix, right away, but I didn't really want someone else's hands on my computer. Talking over the phone with Brandon though, I was convinced I could trust him. He let me bring my computer over and he had it working again in a short while. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone, and I would gladly call him again when disaster strikes.

Casey Prostinak

Fast response time, excellent service. Best IT company in town.

Stacie Easterwood

Amazing response time! Best IT experience ever!

Brandon McGrath

Computer Repair done right.

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